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PRP Treatment.

PRP Hair Restoration


PRP Hair restoration is one of the most sought-after procedures in the aesthetic industry for both men and women. As we maintain the health of our skin and our bodies, we also increasingly are wanting to insure the health of our hair. Hubbell Dermatology and Aesthetics’s Jennifer Piker PA-C is an expert in the most advanced hair restoration techniques.

Is my hair loss something I can do something about? Some hair loss is normal- we can lose 50-100 hairs a day. Some people experience hair loss that resolves on its own, but some may need treatments to help. There are many different types of hair loss and the causes and treatments can vary. Some of the most common types of disorders resulting in hair loss are:


PRP hair restoration is an advanced treatment physicians have used to help repair damaged or injured tissues in your body. This minimally invasive procedure helps initiate your system’s own regenerative process by harvesting the growth factors that platelets are known to contain and applying them to the area of hair loss. One significant benefit to PRP hair restoration is that you are using your body’s own natural process; there is virtually no chance of rejection or allergic reaction.

The result of the treatment is the natural stimulation of growth factors moving towards the treated area. There are no known side effects of this treatment, although you may occasionally experience minor swelling or pain near the injection points for a short period of time.

This unique hair treatment has gained national attention recently due to the use of champion football players and professional golfers. The process is quick, essentially painless and uses your natural healing powers without drugs.



How can I treat hair loss?

In order to effectively treat hair loss, it is important to determine what is causing it. At Hubbell Dermatology & Aesthetics, we take a comprehensive approach. Your provider will take a detailed history as there is often more than one factor contributing to your hair loss. It is important to have your scalp and hair examined. We can evaluate laboratory values to make sure that you do not suffer from anemia, thyroid conditions, vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune & inflammatory disorders and hormone imbalances. We believe in treating any underlying disorders to optimize your health and your hair!

What does hair loss indicate?

Sometimes, the first sign of disease is hair loss. Medical conditions that can cause hair loss include anemia; thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiencies like iron, excessive intake of certain vitamins like vitamin A, ringworm and recent surgery, fever or infection.

Weight loss greater than 15 pounds can result in hair loss that usually starts 3-6 months afterward. Hormonal changes such as childbirth, menopause, birth control pills, and too much testosterone are another common cause. Certain medications affect hair loss as well.

Finally, the way we care for our hair and scalp can affect hair loss, breakage, and growth. Overly processed hair (bleached, colored, permed) can increase hair loss and cause damage to the hair resulting in breaking and splitting. We should avoid heated styling tools (blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons), certain hair products and hairstyles.